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            Established in 1988 as a custom molding manufacturer in household and industrial plastic parts. Our company has since diversified and developed own moulds and products mainly in construction hardware, safety products, house ware, crates & containers, industrial packaging to cater to the need of glue/adhesive, wood industry etc.
            To date, our ranges of products consist of household ware, premium & gifts, kitchenware, safety helmets, toys & games, flexible floor mats, industrial crates, baskets, basins and containers, industrial packaging parts & disposable house ware. 
             We belong to a small & medium industry with 9 injections machines and 1 blow machine. Our machine tonnage ranges from 80 ton to 550 ton.
In order to improve production efficiency, we have set up a tooling department for general repair and servicing for mould and die and also make new moulds.
              We would like to be identified as a manufacturer and exporter of many ranges of products in Malaysia. Being a small company has not deterred us from seeking a bigger domestic and overseas market.